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Jaie Perrizo

Perrizo, Jaie. (2008, May). Masculinity and depression : Implications for help-seeking attitudes.
Mentor: Libby Williams


The relationship between masculine gender role conflict (GRC) and reluctance toward seeking help is well-established. However, despite empirical and theoretical support, depression has not been explored as a moderating factor between GRC and help-seeking attitudes. In attempt to fill this gap in the research, the present study examined a sample of 120 college-age males (44 depressed and 76 nondepressed) who completed a measure of GRC along with a help-seeking questionnaire. As hypothesized, GRC was negatively related to help-seeking attitudes. However, the interaction between GRC and depression in regard to help-seeking attitudes was nonsignificant, and thus depression does not appear to moderate the relationship between GRC and help-seeking attitudes. Implications and suggestions for future research and psychotherapy with men are discussed.

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