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Mary Lyle Jeanes

Jeanes, Mary Lyle. (2008, May). Review of autism from diagnosis through etiology and into therapy for the documentary "Seeing Eye to Eye : Autism, Therapy and the Family."
Mentor: Janet Kosarych-Coy


Autism is shrouded in the public eye as a mysterious disorder in which communicating with diagnosed individuals is near impossible. The goal of this review is to take some of the mystery out of autism and present the dynamics and variability of the spectrum of social symptoms, neurological correlates, and behavioral therapy that consumes both the individual and his or her family. The information presented is the foundation of a supplementary [documentary film] entitled Seeing Eye to Eye: Autism, Therapy and the Family and is an attempt to give a wider audience an appreciation for the intricacies, struggles, and triumphs involved in living with autism.

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