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Gina White

White, G. (2009, May).  Effect of perceived stigma of mental illness on help-seeking behavior in first-year college students.
Mentor: Dr. Janet Kosarych-Coy


Research indicates that adolescents are less likely to seek professional help in the event of a psychological problem than adults. This study examines first year college students' attitudes toward seeking help, based on problem severity and attitudes toward the stigmatization of mental illness. Using a series of scales, attitudes toward help-seeking and mental illness were assessed, as well as what types of behavior participants exhibited in relation to low-grade affective disorders, which are prevalent during this developmental time. There was no significant effect indicating that stigma against mental illness acts as a mediator between willingness to seek professional help and problem severity. However, results indicated that first year college students tended to have high levels of stigma of mental illness. Other factors may contribute to whether or not an individual seeks professional psychological help.

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