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Heather Demarr

Demarr, H. (2009, May).  The school psychologist's role in diagnosing and intervening with ADHD in the classroom.
Mentor: Dr. Laraine Glidden


The behaviors associated with ADHD can cause many problems in the classroom.  Detecting ADHD is integral to maintain an environment conducive to learning.  School psychologists assess children and plan interventions to eliminate negative behaviors associated with ADHD.  This study aimed to examine what behaviors are associated with ADHD and whether those behaviors stand out in a classroom setting.  It was hypothesized that children with possible ADHD would exhibit higher levels of off-task behaviors and out of seat behavior and there would be grade level differences.  Results show that children with possible ADHD do demonstrate more behaviors as well as out of seat behavior but only out of seat produced a grade level difference.  Implications, limitations and future research are discussed.

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