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Maya Cosentino

Cosentino, M. (2009, May). The residential therapeutic community: A model for adolescents in Germany.
Mentor: Dr. Roy Hopkins


The therapeutic community (TC) is a residential program that uses a self-help social learning approach to treat individuals with substance abuse and co-existing disorders. Following an overview of the history, treatment approach, and research conducted to evaluate traditional and adolescent TCs, a case study of an adolescent TC in Töpeln, Germany is presented. Daily life in the community and the reasoning behind how the program is run is described and critically analyzed. The program’s success is also demonstrated through personality inventory score changes and information gathered by the author in informal interviews. Based on the reviewed literature and the presented case study, it is concluded that although many of the therapeutic aspects of TC treatment are not understood, the social, caring environment and structured lifestyle are fundamental to the positive influences adolescent TCs have.

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