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Katie Grein '13 presents her SMP

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2009-2010 Showcase

Ewing, Katie. (2010, May). How motion and nonmotion adaptation affects gender recognition.

Gunther, Julie. (2010, May). The effects of physical activity and yoga on perceived stress and health in a college setting.

Konka, Kimberly. (2010, May). Investigating the effects of postnatal exposure to Prozac on adult rat motor and emotional behavior. *Winner of a Sigma Xi grant.

Marian, Claire. (2010, May).  Why natural environments restore directed attention: An alternative explanation. *Winner of the 2010 Wilhem Wundt Award.

Piantadosi, Patrick. (2010, May). The effect of intrabasalis orexin A infusion on reversal learning performance in rats with 192 IgG-saporin lesions of the nucleus basalis magnocellularis.