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David Johnson

Johnson, David. (2011, May). Thinking without thinking? Stereotype use and unconscious thought theory. *Winner of the Departmental SMP Award for 2011.

Mentor: Dr. Anna Han


Unconscious thought theory (Dijksterhuis & Nordgren, 2006) asserts that complex decisions are better made after distraction than deliberation, and that decisions made after distraction (products of “unconscious” thought) are not influenced by stereotypes.  The present experiment attempted to replicate this effect in a hypothetical job hiring scenario.  I failed to support the claim that unconscious thought leads to better decision making and instead found evidence suggestive that conscious deliberation leads to better decision making.  Additionally, I did not observe that unconscious thought reduced stereotype application, but found some evidence that unconscious thinkers might be overcorrecting (acting in a socially desirable way) when racial stereotypes were activated.

Keywords: unconscious thought theory, deliberation-without attention, stereotyping 

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