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Ryan Miller

Miller, Ryan. (2011, May). Applying the meaning maintenance model to the formation of novel stereotypes: Forming stereotypes under duress.
Mentor: Dr. Roger Stanton


The current study tested a prediction regarding the ability of meaning threats, or disruptions of expected relationships, to enhance novel stereotype formation.  While this prediction is derived from a larger volume of threat compensation literature, it was examined in the context of the Meaning Maintenance Model.  Experiment 1 established a group of behaviors that participants viewed as either positive or negative and Experiment 2 attempted to create novel stereotypes and manipulate their formation via the addition of a meaning threat.  Novel stereotype formation was tested by using a standard illusory correlation paradigm and a previously reported meaning threat.  Neither the control group nor the experimental group demonstrated much evidence of forming an illusory correlation.  Explanations of the failure to generate an effect and potential future studies are discussed.


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