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Steven Morris

Morris, Steven. (2012, May). Eating to ease: Emotional eating in a male college population.
Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Tickle


Self-regulatory failure can result in the use of dysfunctional coping mechanisms.  Depression is an emotional state that is externally expressed in different ways depending on the demographics of the participant.  As a result certain behaviors that may normally be adaptive become maladaptive.  The concept of emotional eating states that certain individuals seek to reduce distressing emotions by overeating (Evers, Ridder, & Adriaanse, 2009).  The emotional eating literature has previously centered on the female population.    The present study sought to address this gap in the literature by utilizing a male college population in the study of emotional eating in response to feelings of sadness.  Research suggests that while this phenomenon may be chronic  cognitive emotion regulation strategies may alter the magnitude of consumption (Evers, Stok, & Ridder, 2009).  The emotion regulation strategies of cognitive reappraisal and emotion suppression were studied for their potential moderating effects on emotional eating in a male college population. The current study sought to study emotional eating in response to emotionally charged movie clips and the effects of cognitive emotion regulation viewing strategies on the amount of food eaten.


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