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Abby Vandegrift

Vandegift, Abby. (2013, May).  Ego-resiliency among college students: Is it related to academic performance?
Mentor: Dr. Debbie O'Donnell


In order to further research, the present study sought to examine the relationship between ego-resiliency and academic performance, in addition to investigating how ego-resiliency relates to an individual’s level of perceived stress and the types of coping strategies applied in handling such stress. Participants included 224 students from a small liberal arts college in southern Maryland.  Each participant completed a series of self-report measures including the Ego-Resiliency Scale (ER89), Academic Coping Strategies Scale (ACSS), and a modified version of the College Student Stress Scale (CSSS). Additionally, participants reported their estimated cumulative GPAs and demographic information. Results indicated that ego-resiliency was related to levels of perceived stress and types of coping strategies applied, such that individuals high in ego-resiliency reported significantly lower levels of stress, more common use of approach and social support coping strategies, and infrequent use of avoidance coping strategies. Ego-resiliency was not significantly related to estimated cumulative GPA, but was significantly related to average grade received; that is, participants high in ego-resiliency reported receiving better grades overall. A lack of variability in reported cumulative GPAs could be an explanation for the lack of evidence supporting a significant relationship between it and ego-resiliency. In the future, researchers should consider using a multi-method approach to more accurately measure academic performance.

Key words: ego-resiliency, levels of perceived stress, coping strategies, academic performance, undergraduate students


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