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Liza Sitz

Sitz, Liza. (2013, May). The effects of chronic corticosterone exposure on long-term memory consolidation in rats.
Mentor: Dr. Aileen Bailey


Depression is a prevalent disorder in the United States’ adult population and has been linked to cognitive impairments. Heightened stress hormones (glucocorticoids) have been associated with the display of depressive-like symptoms in animals, suggesting stress to be a major contributor to depression onset.  Excessive glucocorticoid exposure has also been suggested to damage hippocampal neurons, which are important for learning and memory.  Chronic unpredictable stress has been a common method for investigating stress’ influence on the brain. However, the current study investigated the impact of chronic glucocorticoid exposure through a novel approach by orally administering glucocorticoids in order to study their effects on long-term spatial memory in rats.  Results indicated that long-term memory was not significantly disrupted in rats exposed to glucocorticoids, however, exposed rats did show a trend in behavior that suggests impairment in memory.  Further research is suggested to implement higher CORT doses to further investigate the influence of stress on cognition.  


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