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Erin Howard

Howard, E. (2002, May). A qualitative investigation of challenge management in young adulthood: Exploring aspects of self-assessment and subjectivity.
Mentor: Dr. Libby Williams


This study took an exploratory approach to investigating young adults' experiences and management of challenges, with particular emphasis on aspects of self-assessment. Sixteen college students (8 male, 8 female, ages 18-22) were interviewed and data were analyzed using Consensual Qualitative Research. Analysis yielded nine broad domains, described as recent or common challenges, feelings and reactions, approaches, self-assessment of management ability and strategy effectiveness, helpful and hindering aspects of strategies/approaches, amendments, suggestions to others, predictions about the future, and descriptions and thoughts about self . Results suggest that traditional investigations of coping may not sufficiently recognize the subjective aspects of the stress and coping experience, and that further research is necessary to better understand the implications of individuals' self-assessments relating to challenges and challenge management.

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