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Students can visit the College Archives (Calvert 009-ground floor) to read or view past St. Mary's Projects Mondays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (appointments recommended).

Access to a full SMP can depend on how a student completed a release form, but most SMPs can be read or viewed in the College Archives without restriction.

Electronic copies of SMPs are usually provided to faculty and staff upon request, but students are provided electronic copies of SMPs only with the permission of a faculty member.

1999-2002 Showcase

Caspar, Laura. (1999, May). A sexuality education program for adults with developmental disabilities and their caregivers. *Has been published

Harsh, Bridgett. (2001, May). Individual differences and the effectiveness of warnings in the DRM false-memory paradigm. *Winner of the Geneva Boone Award for Best SMP in the Division of Human Development for 2000-2001.

Horn, Jennifer. (2002, May). First impressions of body art.

Howard, Erin. (May, 2002). A qualitative investigation of challenge management in young adulthood: Exploring aspects of self-assessment and subjectivity. *Winner of the Geneva Boone Award for Best SMP in the Division of Human Development for 2001-2002.

Johnson, Erin. (2002, May). Environment and learning: Investigation of learning set formation and oddity concept-use in juvenile rats raised in an enriched environment. *Winner of a Myron Marlay SMP Grant Award.