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Planning Your Psychology Major

Entering Major as a Second-Semester Sophomore (having taken Introduction to Psychology)


Spring: Statistics (PSYC 301), 200-level content breadth course, CORE requirements
Special Opportunities: course-related field experience


Fall: Writing/ Res. Methods (PSYC303), 200-level content breadth course, electives outside major
Spring: two 200-level content breadth courses, one psyc lab course, elective outside major, cross-disciplinary study
Special Opportunities: directed research, course-related field experience, peer tutor (intro, stats)


Fall: SMP or ACE elective, one lab course, one 300/400-level psyc elective course, elective work outside major
Spring: SMP or ACE Senior Seminar, elective work outside major, cross-disciplinary study
Special Opportunities: internship as part of SMP, peer lab assistant


Entering Major as a Junior (having taken Introduction to Psychology)
Entering Major as a First-Year Student


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Academic Planning for Old Curriculum