St. Mary's College of Maryland
Fall on the river by Barbara Williams  2006

Standard Information

Every first (index/home) page in an official College Web site should contain the following standard information:

  • Phone number
  • Contact person (and their e-mail address)


Images used on all official College Web pages should specify height and width (in pixels) to facilitate efficient page loads.

Any image files uploaded for Web display should be no larger than 100 kilobytes.

Most images on the Web are compressed for fast delivery, usually as a GIF or JPEG. The following guide should be used when trying to determine the proper format for image files:

  • GIF - This format should be used when dealing with images that contain line art and large areas of solid color.
  • JPEG - This format should generally be used for photos, paintings, and images that include color gradients (places where one color gradually changes to another).
  • Other formats - If you feel that the image could be better stored or displayed in a format other than GIF or JPEG, contact the Web Services Team.

Source images must reside on the Web server.

No images that are copyrighted may be used without prior consent of owner.

A descriptive ALT tag should be provided for each image. Other incidental images should use an empty ALT tag (ALT="").


Links and content should be kept up-to-date. The Cascade CMS has a built-in link check that will alert you to broken links on your site when you edit it.

As an academic institution, SMCM requires that College Web pages be free of spelling errors. For questions about our College style, review "College Style Guide" and "Writing for the Web" on the Office of Publications' Web site ( Copyediting assistance is also available through the Office of Publications.

Aerial view of St. Mary's College of Maryland campus

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