The first River Concert of the summer will be held this Friday at 7:00 p.m., with the grounds at the Townhouse Greens opening at 5:00 p.m.


Sound the Alarm!
If you discover or suspect a fire, sound the building fire alarm by activating a pull station. Then leave the building.

Call Public Safety!
Give as much information as possible to the dispatcher


Leave the Building:

  • Try to warn or assist others only if you can do so safely.
  • Move away from the building and out of the way of Public Safety and the Fire Department.
  • Don't go back into the building until Public Safety or the Fire Department says it is safe to do so.

Fight or Flee:

Fire is the most common type of emergency a business may face. Small fires can often be put out by a well-trained individual with a portable fire extinguisher but, to do this safely, the individual must understand the uses and limitations of a portable fire extinguisher and the hazards associated with fighting fires.

Characteristics of fires that CAN BE extinguished with portable fire extinguishers:

  • The fire is limited to the original materials ignited.
  • It is contained in a wastebasket or other receptacle.
  • The flames are no higher than the fire fighter's head.
  • The fire has not depleted the oxygen in the room.
  • Heat is being generated but the room temperature is only slightly increased.
  • Smoke may be accumulated on the ceiling but visibility is good.
  • There is a clear evacuation path behind the fire fighter as he/she uses the extinguisher.

Characteristics of fires that SHOULD NOT be extinguished with portable fire extinguishers:

  • The fire involves flammable solvents and has spread over more than 60 square feet.
  • It cannot be reached from a standing position.
  • It is partially hidden behind a wall or ceiling.
  • The fire cannot be fought without respiratory protection.
  • The radiated heat is easily felt on exposed skin making it difficult to approach to within 10-15 feet of the fire.
  • Smoke is filling the room very quickly decreasing visibility.

Fire, heat or smoke may block the evacuation path.