The first River Concert of the summer will be held this Friday at 7:00 p.m., with the grounds at the Townhouse Greens opening at 5:00 p.m.

General Parking Information

Traffic and parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends, holidays and vacations. St. Mary's College reserves the right to regulate the use of any or all of its vehicle parking facilities including the authority to:

  • Deny vehicle-parking privileges to any individual and/or any groups of individuals who willfully violate and abuse the privileges.
  • Reserve parking facilities for the exclusive use of selected groups and designated individuals.
  • Tow illegally parked vehicles as the situation warrants. The responsibility of locating a legal parking space rests with the operator of the motor vehicle.

Lack of space will not be considered a valid excuse for violating any of the provisions of these regulations. St. Mary's College reserves the right to increase, remove, or reallocate parking spaces as the need arises. Changes, if any, will be advertised and become effective with the posting of signs and/or by announcements in official college publications and emails. Any person who operates a vehicle or vehicles on the campus of St. Mary's College will be held accountable for all traffic and parking violations charged to the vehicle or vehicles. Students, faculty and staff are responsible for advising their visitors that they are required to obtain a valid temporary parking permit from Public Safety to park on campus. This permit can be obtained from the Department of Public Safety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every vehicle is required to have a valid parking decal displayed on the vehicle at all times.

Faculty/Staff Parking

Resident Parking

Commuter Parking

Visitor Parking

Parking Lot Assignments

Parking Procedures and Towing

Campus Parking Process for Faculty/Staff

All faculty and staff must obtain a parking decal that is specific to particular lots on campus. These parking decals must be obtained at the Department of Public Safety which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Faculty/staff are allowed two (2) decals. If you have more than two (2) vehicles, a temporary decal needs to be obtained for that vehicle. Lots will be designated by letter only.

Campus Parking Process for Residents

Resident students must purchase a parking decal that is specific to a particular campus parking lot. The business office will sell only as many decals in each residential lot as there are spaces. Students will identify their priorities for which lots they prefer to be assigned at the time of parking registration/payment. Lots will be designated by letter, and decals will display a corresponding assignment letter. Assignments will be made on a first come first choice basis except for first year students, who will be assigned to Lot T (Guam). Students who are unable to get their first choice will be considered for their second choice, etc. Permit fees remain unchanged and are identical for all lots ($100).

Campus Parking Process for Commuters

Commuter students must purchase a parking decal that is specific to particular commuter lots on campus. Registration/payment for a commuter decal is handled on the Portal under the finances tab. Lots will be designated by letter only. Permit fees remain unchanged and are identical for all lots ($100).  Commuters may park in any Faculty/Staff space after 5pm.

Campus Parking Process for Visitors

All visitors are required to display a valid temporary parking decal at all times. Lots will be designated by letter only. The following are guidelines to assist offices in their planning for on campus visitor parking.

For groups 30-100, the sponsoring office should contact Public Safety during the planning phase of the event (e.g. lectures, sporting events, concerts). Public Safety will then designate the parking location within the vicinity of the event and will direct the traffic accordingly.

 For groups of 100 or more, Public Safety will have the responsibility for planning to accommodate vehicles when these events occur and will make arrangements for adequate parking spaces.

VIP parking can be arranged by phoning the Department of Public Safety in advance. In the case of events of 100 or more, sponsoring offices should create appropriate signage to be placed by Public Safety for parking.

For any additional information, please contact the Department of Public Safety at ext. 4911.


Parking Lot Assignments

LOT A -- Historic St. Mary's City

Faculty/Staff/Commuter Students(Temporary) -Front Row Along Roadway

LOT B -- Anne Arundel Hall

Student Commuters-South Side of Building

LOT D -- Trinity Episcopal Church

Faculty/Staff, Church Parishioners, & Visitors-Designations Posted in Lot - No Students at Any Time

LOT E -- Kent Hall and Alumni Lodge

Faculty/Staff & Visitors-North Side of Kent Hall

LOT F -- Mulberry Shop

Faculty/Staff-Row Parking Facing Fence (Rear of Rectory)

LOT J – River Center



Faculty/Staff & Visitors-Front of Building

LOT I -- White House

Faculty/Staff & Visitors-Side of Building

LOT K & K-1-- Campus Center

Faculty/Staff, Calvert Hall Resident Students Assigned, Student Commuter & Visitors-Front Parking Lot and Driveway Shoulders

LOT L -- Baltimore Hall

Faculty/Staff & Visitors-Driveway from Campus Center to and including Baltimore Hall

LOT M -- Queen Anne Hall

Queen Anne Resident Students-Front of Building

LOT N -- Cobb House

Faculty/Staff & Visitors to Cobb House- Access through Lot M

LOT O -- Admissions and St. John's Site

Staff & Visitors to Admissions Only, St. John's Site Museum-Visitor Parking End of Lot

LOT P -- Daugherty-Palmer Commons

Faculty/Staff & Handicapped-Parking Area on North Side of Facility

LOT Q -- Ethel Chance Health Center

Faculty/Staff & Visitors-Parking Area Adjacent to Facility

LOT R -- Townhouse

Staff & Student Residents Assigned Only-Parking Lot Adjacent to Baseball Field

LOT S -- Waring Commons

Student Resident Assigned Only-Parking Lot Adjacent to Waring Commons Apartments

LOT T -- Guam

Faculty/Staff, Visitors, First-Year Student Residents, Commuter & Overflow-Parking Lot Adjacent to Mattapany Road

LOT U -- Public Safety

Public Safety Staff & Visitors doing business with Public Safety

LOT V -- Glendening Hall

Faculty/Staff Only

LOT V-1 -- ARC

Temporary lot - Faculty/Staff & Visitors

LOT X -- Prince George Hall

Staff & Student Residents Assigned Only-Parking Area Rear and Side of Dormitory

LOT Y -- Tennis Court

Faculty/Staff & Visitors-Parking Area Adjacent to Tennis Courts

LOT Z -- West Field

Student Residents in Assigned Spaces Only, Faculty/Staff, Commuter & Visitors to Campus


Parking Enforcement and Towing

All student, faculty, and staff vehicles parked on the grounds of St. Mary's College of Maryland must display a campus-issued parking decal and all visitors must display a parking pass. Vehicles parked on campus must follow all State and College parking regulations. All vehicles in violation of College parking regulations will be issued a citation and/or towed at the owner's expense. 

Some violations include but are not limited to:

Display of lost, stolen, expired, or fraudulent St. Mary's College of Maryland Parking Decal or Permit

No St. Mary's College Decal or Permit

Parking in an unauthorized lot

Parking in a designated handicap area, or blocking handicap access

Parking or blocking a fire lane (as designated by Maryland State Law)

Parking of a vehicle that restricts access to a loading dock, dumpster or bus access lane

Stopping, standing or parking that restricts traffic flow, or creates a traffic hazard

Parking in a building air intake area

Parking on designated emergency snow routes

Failure to immediately move a vehicle upon notification from the Department of Public Safety



Route 584 (along Kent Hall)

Front of Schaefer Hall

Montgomery Hall

College Drive

Rt. 5 from North Field to Mattapany Road

Dorm Circle

Calvert Circle

An accumulation of four (4) or more parking citations (paid or unpaid) will result in the vehicle being towed. Each vehicle to be towed will be issued a citation and towed at the owner's expense. The vehicle owner/operator is responsible for the towing fee when the towing vehicle has left the business and/or has arrived at the site, unless another agreement is reached between the tow service provider and the vehicle owner/operator.

An abandoned vehicle, as described below, may be issued a citation and/or towed.

A vehicle that is parked on St. Mary's College Campus property, Historic St. Mary's City Commission Property, Trinity Episcopal Church Property or St. Mary's City Post Office Property for forty eight hours or more and does not display a valid state motor vehicle registration plate or St. Mary's College of Maryland parking permit and without notification and approval from the Department of Public Safety.

St. Mary's College of Maryland and the Department of Public Safety will not be held responsible for damage resulting from towing or immobilization of vehicles or items of personal property of value left within the unattended motor vehicle parked on campus.