Officers of the Department of Public Safety are expected to conduct themselves within the boundaries of the highest professional standards and ideals. They are to present themselves in both a professional and respectful manner, doing their due diligence in responding to community concerns. With this being said, it is important that members of the community are familiar with law enforcement concerns and practices in order to help avert needless confrontation or misunderstandings and complaints.

While there are no specific guidelines for community members in handling contacts with law enforcement, the following advice is beneficial. The goals of the Department of Public Safety are to improve Public Safety-community relations and to have contacts and interviews resolved without unnecessary conflict or injury to either the officer or the community member.

Community concerns or praises about officer conduct should be addressed to the Interim Director by completing the Officer Complaint/Commendation form, which can be found at the Public Safety office or under the downloadable forms tab of this site, and dropping it off at the Department of Public Safety.