St. Mary's College of Maryland

Overview of Residence Life

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Office of Residence Life is to support the academic mission of the College by facilitating safe, supportive, and civil living-and-learning communities that are conducive to sleeping, studying, and socializing. Residence Life staff educate and serve residents and mentor students to become leaders and good citizens.

Philosophy Statement

The Office of Residence Life (ORL) supports the mission of the College. Toward that goal, we established a residence life philosophy that recognizes the concepts of academic support, mutual respect, learning to live with differences, and safety.

Placing students in the classroom at their optimum capacity to learn is a primary objective of Residence Life. If a student must concentrate on roommate conflicts, unnecessary environmental pressures, or fatigue due to noise, then energy available for academic pursuits is reduced. Since academic performance is paramount, the Office of Residence Life works with students to help them achieve academically.

We recognize that each student is unique and must be treated as such. Each wants to be accepted as someone of worth and importance, yet each person must learn to realize that this is precisely the same desire of everyone with whom he or she comes in contact. We emphasize self-respect and respect for others.

It is important for us to assist students in transferring the community responsibilities of living together in a residence hall or townhouse to their everyday lives. Students must cultivate the ability to interact and communicate maturely and appropriately with other people. The Office of Residence Life tries to help students develop the maturity to live with persons of different cultures, religions, values, and lifestyles.

We are committed to protecting students living in residences. At the same time, students need to develop the realization that they are responsible for their own actions and for the safety of others.

Living on campus should be a pleasurable and satisfying experience. The residences should be places where we promote and encourage student learning and personal development both in-class and out-of-class. Students will have opportunities to learn about and become more responsible for themselves and their actions. The experience of living on campus should play a role in helping a student succeed.

Ethical Standards

The Office of Residence Life adheres to the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International (ACUHO-I) Standards and Ethical Principles for College and University Housing Professionals. Click here to read the full statement.