Housing costs are based on a student’s room assignment.

Costs (per year)

Dorm double: $6975
Dorm triple/quad: $6975
Dorm single: $7890
Suite double: $7470
Apartment single: $8370
Apartment double: $8245
Townhouse: $8545


  • If a student moves during the semester (for example, from a residence hall double to a residence hall single or from a suite to a townhouse), the housing fee will be pro-rated accordingly.
  • If a first-year student is assigned to a space that is not in a traditional residence hall (for example, to a suite or other type of housing) even if the student wanted to live in a traditional residence hall, or if the student is assigned to a single but wanted a double, the student will be charged the fee for the assigned space.

The Housing Contract does not guarantee a specific space (room, building) on campus; it guarantees that the student will receive a housing assignment.

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