St. Mary's College of Maryland

A Message from the Interim Dean of Students

August 2012

Dear Parents:

St. Mary's students are bright, engaged, and entertaining. On behalf of the college I want to welcome you to a community of faculty, students, and staff committed to the liberal arts.

There are a number of campus updates that will interest you.

Emergency Response
The College continually assesses and refines our emergency response procedures. A web page focusing on emergency response information is available: The sirens to alert those outside of buildings to emergencies are located on the roofs of the Campus Center and the Michael B. O'Brien Athletic and Recreation Center. A simple, seven-step emergency response procedure is used to guide each student, faculty, or staff member in every emergency situation or incident:

  1. Remain calm
  2. Check official communication sources for information regarding the emergency
  3. Follow instructions for the next steps
  4. Care for and be responsive to others who may be in need of assistance
  5. Check in with concerned family and friends to let them know you are ok
  6. Check official communication sources for periodic updates
  7. Watch for the all clear signal

To The Point
Please remember that To The Point (the Student Handbook) is an excellent resource to help your student understand responsibilities of living in the St. Mary's College community. In the handbook, you will find statements of our values, listed as policies; information about the Student Government Association; and what to do in case of emergencies.

International Education Opportunities
It is never too early to begin to plan how your student will maximize her/his St. Mary's education by studying abroad. St. Mary's offers an array of opportunities to internationalize his/her undergraduate experience. Especially exciting are programs the college operates in Oxford, England; Alba, Italy; The Gambia, West Africa; and Payap University in Thailand. One can study for a semester in these venues for approximately the same cost as a semester at St. Mary's. The experiences our students have had studying abroad have changed their lives and often lead to important career and life decisions for the future. But this will only happen if your student begins to plan for the experience now. Both academic advisors and the Office of International Education are excellent resources for your student to begin planning for her/his international experience.

In Closing
I look forward to many opportunities to interact with you. Be sure to plan to come for Family Weekend in October 5-6, 2012. Faculty and staff are ready to assist your student in celebration or crisis. The Dean of Students office can be reached at 240.895.4208 and our office is located in Campus Center 143.

I extend my best wishes for a most successful year to you and your student.

Roberto Ifill, PhD
Interim Dean of Students