St. Mary's College of Maryland

Building Design

St. Mary’s students have developed their own naming system for areas within the traditional residence halls (Caroline, Dorchester, Prince George, and Queen Anne). This section will help you decipher room locations when a friend says to you, “Meet me on 2nd Right.”

Traditional residence halls are divided into left and right halves as you face the front of the building.  Floors are numbered 1, 2, and 3, corresponding to the level. If you walk into the building at the front door, you will be on the second floor.  As such, 3rd Left refers to the third floor hall on the left side of the building. Because few students use room numbers, this shorthand method of reference is important to understand. For your information, rooms are numbered as follows:

1st left rooms:   1st right rooms:
2nd left rooms:   2nd right rooms:
2rd left rooms:   3rd right rooms:

Buildings also have a 3rd center section where numbers can really be confusing: 303-304, 323-329, and 347-349. Take our advice and use the shorthand system to locate room areas. This simplifies your search.

Calvert Hall provides a unique living environment. The lower two floors are administrative offices and classrooms only. The second floor is for resident men, and the third for resident women. Due to the building design and function, quiet hours are enforced between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, in addition to the usual nighttime quiet hours.

Lewis Quadrangle opened for occupancy in the fall of 2001. This building has 24 suites: 10 six-person, 10 ten-person, and four 14-person suites. The six-person suites are all located on the ground level. The 10-person suites are on the two floors above the six-person suites. The two-floor, 14-person suites are located on the corners. The suites are numbered 1 – 24. There are three residential buildings and two common buildings (which contain the recreation room, staff office, kitchen, two seminar rooms, the RHC apartment, laundry room, and restrooms). There are eight suites per building, and the rooms in each suite are numbered 101 – 103 (first floor), 201 – 205 (second floor), and 301 – 302 (third floor). Returning students (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) have priority for Lewis Quad, but first-year students are permitted to live in the building as space permits.

For your information, the following codes are commonly used on campus to designate the residence halls:

  • Calvert Hall (CH)
  • Caroline Hall (CD)
  • Dorchester Hall (DD)
  • Lewis Quadrangle (LQ)
  • Prince George Hall (PG)
  • Queen Anne Hall (QA)

FYI: the area in which Caroline, Dorchester, and Prince George Halls are located is also known as “the Hill.” Dorchester Circle is the circle located directly in front of Dorchester Hall.

Our newest housing facility, Waring Commons (WC) opened in August, 2003, with a section added in August 2007. The complex contains 20 four-person apartments (mostly single bedrooms), four five-person apartments (three singles and one double bedroom), five eight-person suites (mostly double bedrooms), and 37 six-person suites (all double bedrooms). The units are numbered 1 – 63 (the RHC apartment is unit 64). There are eight residential buildings. Units 1 – 24 are apartments; units 25 – 63 are suites. All first-floor rooms are numbered 101 – 104, and all second-floor rooms are numbered 201 – 205. The common building contains the Bike Shop, staff office, two public bathrooms, and the RHC apartment. Another shared common space is located in the middle of complex and contains the laundry room, TV viewing room, kitchen, study room (with computers), and vending area. Only juniors and seniors are eligible for the apartments. Returning students (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) have priority for the suites, but first-year students are permitted to live in the suites as space permits.

The townhouses, located on the north side of campus, offer a transitional living environment. Seniors and some juniors occupy the townhouses and tend to be a little more independent as they begin to prepare to move off-campus after graduation. Students in the townhouses are responsible for paying their own electric bill each month.  There are two sets of townhouses:

The first units opened in 1987:

  • Harrington (TA) 1-7
  • Maggie Dodge (TD) 1-8
  • Boone (TB) 1-6 Morsell (TE) 1-6
  • Homer Dodge (TC) 1-8 Trueschler (TF) 1-6

The second units opened in 1993/1994:

  • Southern Crescent (TG or SC) 1-14
  • Northern Crescent (TH or NC) 1-26