St. Mary's College of Maryland

Resident Rights & Responsibilities

It is a privilege to live on campus as a member of the SMCM residential community and, as such, you have specific individual rights that your roommate and those living around you should respect. You have the responsibility to ensure these same rights for your roommate and other residents.

Your basic rights are listed here. Those living around you may choose to add to the list as well. It is important that these rights and responsibilities be discussed and pursued during the year.

As a resident, you have a right to the following:

  1. Sleep and relax in your room.
  2. Read and study in your room, free of interference.
  3. Have control over your personal possessions.
  4. Have free access to your room or townhouse.
  5. Have a clean, safe environment in which to live.
  6. Entertain guests without infringing upon the rights of your roommate or the community.
  7. Appropriately challenge another’s behavior if it infringes on your rights.
  8. Seek the aid of staff in resolving conflicts after your own unsuccessful attempts at resolution.

The Office of Residence Life does not, nor can it, guarantee that you will attain each of these rights at all times. You can help ensure that these rights will be honored through thoughtful discussion and communication with those living around you. Remember, you are living in a community that is collectively responsible for the environment in which you live. At the same time, the only person whose behavior you are responsible for is you. Begin by behaving (role modeling) the way you would want others to behave. Residence Life staff members are available to provide assistance.