Living Composers featured during the River Concert Series Seasons 1999-2011

David Froom

David Froom
“Striking Silver”*
“Going to Town”
“Amachai Songs” for Baritone and Orchestra*
“Songs of a Summer Evening” for Violin, Viola, and Orchestra* 
“Petali di Gelsomino” for Flute and Strings*

William Thomas McKinley

William Thomas Mckinley 
"And the Presidents said" for Narrator and Orchestra*

Louis Karchin Lou Karchin 
“Chesapeake Festival Overture”* Scott Wheeler 
“Gradualia” for Piano and Orchestra*
Nathan Lincoln-DeCusatis

Nathan Lincoln- DeCusatis 
“Parabola Sospesa”*
“Terrae Marie: A Creation” Story for Narrators and Orchestra*

Vivian Adelberg Rudow  Vivian Adelberg Rudow  
“The Spirit of America”
Aaron Kernis
Aaron Kernis  
“Simple Songs” for Soprano and Orchestra
Elliott Carter Elliott Carter  
“Holiday Overture”
Chen Yi Chen Yi 
William Kleinsasser William Kleinsasser 
“Many Rivers”*
Perry Goldstein Perry Goldstein 
“Abundant Air “ for Saxophone Quartet and Orchestra
Corrado Saglietti Corrado Saglietti  
“Trumpet Concerto”
Jan Raats
“The Chesapeake Concerto” for Piano Trio and Orchestra*
Judah Adashi Judah Adashi 
“Grace” for Violin and Strings
Larry Zimmerman
"I thank thee Lord"
Mary Coy Mary Coy  
Ludovico Enaudi Ludovico Enaudi
Kenji Bunch
“The Hardware Concerto” for Piano Trio and Orchestra*
Judith Shatin Judith Shatin 
“Singing the Blue Ridge” for Soprano, Baritone and Orchestra 
“Jefferson in His Own Words” for Narrator and Orchestra
Jerry Mumford Jeffrey Mumford 
“Verdant and Shimmering Air”
Tobias Picker Tobias Picker  
“Old and Lost Rivers”

*River Concert Series World Premiere