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Horton Legacy Continues After Founder's Death

Written by Barbara Geehan

HortonsGrace and John Horton were the inspiration behind the Grace and John Horton Explorations in Learning program when, four years ago, they approached St. Mary's College about the possibility of its professors teaching noncredit courses at two Southern Maryland retirement communities. John died in 2007 and Grace this past August 28, but their legacy lives on. The family has designated the Horton program as a memorial for their mother. Donations may be made to the St. Mary's College Foundation at

The Fall Schedule

Below is the Fall 2009 program schedule. All classes will be held at Wildewood Village Community Center. Details: (Although the first two have started, you may sign up this week.)

Health Care for All?
Todd Eberly
September 24 - October 29
Thursdays 10 a.m.-Noon

This course will survey the different health care systems operating in the world, and the distinctive characteristics of the American system.

The Novels of Jane Austen
Robin Bates
September 24 - October 29
Thursdays 7-9 p.m.

We will read the six complete novels of Jane Austen, examining them in the context of the time and her life.

How the Roosevelts
Reformed America

George Sparling, J.D.
November 4 - December 16 (no class
November 25)
Wednesdays 7-9 p.m.

Franklin D. Roosevelt is seen as having changed forever the role of government in America, and the relationship between government and the people. But all presidents are both enabled and constrained by the political terrain shaped by their predecessors. Theodore Roosevelt may have been America's most revolutionary president. TR's vision and innovation were critical, even essential, to the ability of FDR not only to address the challenges of the Great Depression, but also to create a government with the energy to lead America into the modern economic and global world. Likewise, TR's legacy to FDR is intertwined with the presidency of Woodrow Wilson. This course will examine the interrelationship between "the Progressive Presidents," as well as their successes and failures.

spicesHow Spices Changed the World
Fred Czarra
November 5 - December 17 (no class
November 26)
Two sessions available: Thursdays 10
a.m.-Noon or 7-9 p.m.

In this course, spices and their legends will be explored as the product that united the eastern, southern and western hemispheres in the first age of globalization. How spices are grown and get to markets and influenced the cuisines of all world cultures will also be examined along with the health benefits of these aromatic tropical plants. Multiple slide presentations and random readings will be used, as well as a movie on the Kerala spice lands.