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This book examines the entrepreneurial class in the post-communist Poland from a broad historical perspective, documenting the persistent endurance and the development of this class during radical social change from a controlled economy to a market economy.


Student Spotlight

Nia Brade

Nia Brade was appointed to serve on the Maryland Youth Advisory Council.


Helen Daugherty

Helen Daugherty

An ideal introduction to the study of population, this highly accessible textbook outlines the fundamental concepts and measurement techniques of demography.


St. Mary's Projects

St. Mary's Project is the capstone of study at St. Mary's College of Maryland. The project is an eight credit, independent, sustained endeavor of research or creative expression that is supervised by a faculty mentor and presented in a public forum.

2010-2011 St. Mary's Projects

Christine Rayston Ford. "Will There Be Cake?" (Mentor: Louis Hicks)

Ashley Christine Butler. "The Building Blocks to Happiness: An Analysis of Self-Concept Development in Preschool Children" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty)

Michael Aaron Horwitz. "The Shaping of Influential and Authoritative Identities at St. Mary's College of Maryland" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty)

Bradley Scott Shepherd. "You Can't Play Polo if You Don't Own a Horse: Socioeconomic Factors Affecting College Students' Sport Choices (Mentor: Curt Raney)

Margaret O'brien Macleay. "Losing the American Dream: Economic Effects on a Private Community" (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn)

Sarah Christine Warren. "Racing for Survival: An investigation in Precarious Work During the Downturn of the Maryland Racing Industry" (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn)

Colleen Michelle Vaughn. "Nature Nurtures: Bringing the Outdoors into the Healthcare Environment" (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn)

Katharine Stiles Swiggett. "From Handmaidens to Whores: The Evolution of the Devadasi Institution in India" (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn)

Ernest Alexander Rotili. "Assassination as a Tool of War" (Mentor: Louis Hicks)

Tyson Grey Morgan. "Getting Gay Marriage Straight: Alerting an Apathetic Heteronormative Society to the Struggles of Advancing Same Sex Equality" (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn)

Karunakaran Rathman David. "Racial Differences in Attitudes toward Mental Illness and Mental Health Treatments" (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn)

Catherine Smith Skinner. "Assisting Offenders, Improving Society: An Examination of the Benefits of Offender Re-entry Programs" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty)

James Eugene Phillips. "Ponded: A St. Mary's Ritual Dissected" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty)

Jessica Saige Gillespie. "The Effect of Parental Divorce on Perceptions of Marital Decision Making Among College Student" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty)

2009-2010 St. Mary's Projects

Ariana Carino-Herrera. “Insufficient Funds: The Impact of the Recent Economic Crisis on Latino College Enrollment and their Experiences at St. Mary’s College of Maryland - A Case Study” (Mentor-Helen Daugherty).

Mary Tupper. “A Small Town with Big City Needs: Social Services in St. Mary’s County, Maryland” (Mentor: Helen Daugherty).

Molly McKee. “The Perfect Storm and the Response that Followed: A Case Study of Greenville, MS” (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn).

Danielle Lopez-Lezama. “Queervision 2010: A Content Analysis of Queer Representation in Prime TimeTelevision” (Mentor: Helen Daugherty).

Honora Fallo-Oben “Interpretations of The Wire: Language Use in a Criminal Drug Subculture” (Mentor: Helen Daugherty).

2008-2009 St. Mary's Projects

Renee Angelo. "Ndanka Ndanka: The Process of Education in The Gambia" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty). 

Michelle Bleecker. "Dogwood Bakery: A Business Plan" (Mentor: Louis Hicks).

Dan Combs. "Loneliness as Sickness: The Aging Process and Integration Between Two Small Places in West Africa and the United States" (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn).

Glencora Gudger. "Coherence and Chaos: Defining Social Constructs in a Cross-Cultural Context" (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn). 

Deanna Holford. "Look at Me; Don't Look at Me" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty). 

Chase Lynn. "Searching for Diversity: SMCM Study Abroad Evaluation" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty). 

Nia Brade. "The Maryland Youth Advisory Council: The Foundation Progress and Future" (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn)


2007-2008 St. Mary's Projects 

Ricardo Gonalez. "Becoming an Entrepreneur: the Study of a Medical Staffing Start Up" (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn).

Andrew J. Kaplan. "Let's Talk: Teens with Disabilities and the Need to Know" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty).

Ashley D. Montgomery and Tiffany Y. Shaw. "Double Take: An Approach to Understanding the Perceptions of SMCM Students" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty). 

2006-2007 St. Mary's Projects.

Jessica M. Gonzalez. "Diversity in the Engineering Workforce: Retention and Recruitment" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty).

Brenna Higgins. "HIV Behind Bars: An Analysis of Prison Prevention Programs" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty). 

Adam J. Portier. "Roommate Matching Using Databases" (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn). 

Caitlin A. Sullivan. "St. Mary's Project." (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn).

Hannah A. White. "Ideal Islam: the Appeal of the Past and Medina as Perfection" (Mentor: Betul Basaran-Meckel).

Jessica L. Wilcoxson. "Trying to Understand Love: One of Life's Greatest Lessons" (Mentor: Curt Raney).

2005-2006 St. Mary's Projects.

Denise M. Flanagan-Doyle. "Intimate Discord and the Law: A Blackian Analysis of Marital Separations in England and Wales from 1895-1923" (Mentor: Louis Hicks).

Marie N. LaFerriere. "Women of Warcraft: Breaking and Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes in Cyberspace" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty). 

Benjamin A. Toll. "Mimetic Isomorphism in Higher Education Naming Practices: Analysis of the Role of Structural Change on Market Performance of Institutions Undergoing a Name Change from "College" to "University" (Mentor: Andrew J. Cognard-Black). 

2004-2005 St. Mary's Projects

Lori E. Comegys, "Now What? The Obstacles Faced by First-Generation College Students" (Mentor: Helen G Daugherty).

Gregory J. Fisher. "There Isn't Always Next Season" (Mentor: Michael Ellis-Tolaydo).

Michael Gaches, "Analyzing Crime at St. Mary's College of Maryland" (Mentor: Louis E. Hicks).

Hugo A. Linares, "Observations on the Historical Rise of the Western Hemisphere: A Contemporary Cultural Perception" (Mentor: Curt Raney).

Lola R. Malone. "Women and AIDS in South Africa: The Role of Gossip in Promoting Awareness: A Literature Review and Visual Guide" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty).

2003-2004 St. Mary's Projects

Laura Elizabeth Barklow, "Are There Bad Kids? Or Are There Bad Rules?" (Mentor: Elizabeth A. Osborn).

Katherine R. Brignole, "Multi-faceted Deviancy" (Mentor: Louis E. Hicks).

Amanda Britt Christiansen, "Child Care in America: Take a Load Off Annie" (Mentor: Elizabeth A. Osborn).

Brandon Christopher Clark, "Gentrification in Washington, DC: Some Will Stay, But Some Will Have to Go" (Mentor: Elizabeth A. Osborn).

Sarah Colleen Cruikshank, "Ritualization of AIDS: Social Meaning and the AIDS Memorial Quilt" (Mentor: Louis E. Hicks).

Woodrow Matthew Dunlap, "What's So F****** Funny?: A Sociological Theory of Humor" (Mentor: Curt Raney).

Janna H. Kaye. "St. Mary's Project" (Mentor: Curt Raney).

Amanda Lauren Kinsley, "From The Plant of Joy, to the Walking Dead: The History of Opiate Use in America " (Mentor: Curt Raney).

Jeanne Louise Long, "Athletic Experience at St. Mary's College of Maryland" (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn).

Amanda Schou, "Southern Maryland Legends Interpreted as Forms of Social Control" (Mentor: Elizabeth A. Osborn).

Kristina Lee Sementilli, "Through My Eyes: Helping Adolescents Deal with Death and Grief" (Mentor: Louis Hicks).

2002-2003 St. Mary's Projects

Jaclyn Cassidy, "A Tale of Two Counties: 'Smart Growth' in Harford County and St. Mary's County" (Mentor: Louis Hicks).

Linden McBride, "Paganism and the Social Self" (Mentor: Curt Raney).

Samantha Sissman, "Given the Limitations on Young Women, How do they Participate in Sports?" (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn).

Laurie-Anne Channer, "Definitions of Violence against Women Cross-culturally" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty).

Sherri Doyle, "Pathways and Parks: Community Development in Lexington Park" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty).

Jenni James, "The Roma of Bulgaria: A Key to European Union Membership?" (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn).

Kristen Palumbo, "The Sociology of Tourism: A Cross-country Analysis" (Mentor: Curt Raney).

Wendy Povitsky, "Jewish Resilience: Do They Still Have a Chance?" (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn).

Patricia Richman, "Temporal and Structural Aspects of Social Support for Bereaved Adolescents" (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn).

Sondra Smolek, "Grandparent Roles and Responsibilities" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty).

Thomas West, "The Educational Choices of Washington, D.C. Parents: Private, Public, or Charter?" (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn).

2001-2002 St. Mary's Projects.

Carrie Harrison. "Assessment of Dependent Care Benefits in the St. Mary's Community" (Mentor: Elizabeth Osborn).

Erin A. Smith. "Contemporary American Paganism on the World Wide Web" (Mentor: Curt Raney).

Kai N. Cunningham. "Color Complex: the Effect of Ascribed Characteristics in a Merit Based System" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty).

2000-2001 St. Mary's Projects.

Alison A. Smith. "Measuring Leisure" (Mentor: Louis Hicks).

1999-2000 St. Mary's Projects.

Shane K. Finnerin. "Communication and Society: the Theories of Marshall McLuhan" (Mentor: Louis Hicks).

Jennifer L. Jones. "Analysis of Family Formation: Education, Opportunity, & Women's Roles" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty).

William A. MacDonald. "Cultural Rhythms: An Investigation into the Socialization of Musical Associations" (Mentor: Louis Hicks).

Jessica D. Roberts. "Gender Stereotypes in Personal Ads" (Mentor: Helen Daugherty).

Kimberly A. Van Bavel. "Tackling the Ethnographic Challenge: College Students Do Ethnography" (Mentor: Curt Raney).

Kathleen R. White. "Paternity and World Leaders" (Mentor: Louis Hicks).

Erika J. Wilson. "Measuring Environmentalism" (Mentor: Louis Hicks).

1998-1999 St. Mary's Projects

Monika Hibbert. "Ethnography on Rock Climbers" (Mentor: Louis Hicks).