Staff Reminders


- Take advantage of the new Tuition Remission Program for Full-time Staff of SMCM to attend Maryland Community Colleges! See here for more details.


- Send your news/updates for the Staff Newsletter using the form on the Newsletters page or this link.


- Check out the staff blog for book and/or movie recommendations.


- New to SMCM or want some helpful information about SMCM & local resources? Check out the Staff Senate's Welcome to St. Mary's Guide!


- Take care to mind your wellness!

New Family Meal Rates in the Great Room!

  • Kids 2 and under FREE!!!

  • Breakfast Rates
    Kids (3-12yrs.) - $ 2.55;
    Adults: $3.85

  • Lunch, Brunch, Dinner
    Kids (3-12yrs.) - $ 3.85
    Adults: $7.65

Monthly Staff Recognition Award

Thanks to an anonymous donor, the Senate was able to create a monthly staff recognition award. Award winners receive 5 lunch tickets to the J. Frank Raley Great Room of the Campus Center.


With limited restrictions*, all non-exempt staff members of St. Mary’s College of Maryland are eligible for the Joe Carroll Award.

*(1) Sitting members of the Selection Committee are not eligible.

*(2) The current Staff Recognition Award recipient is not eligible forconsideration for one (1) calendar year.


  • Complete and return the nomination form to Beth Byrd ( or the Alumni House) by 5p.m. on the 3rd Friday of the month. You may also call 240.895.4280 and make your nomination over the phone.
  • Typed entries are strongly encouraged.

Past Recipients:

January 2013: Phil Fenwick, Housekeeping
February 2013: Gail Dean, Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean of Faculty
March 2013: Ty Reynolds, Housekeeper
April 2013: Carla Blanton, Office Assistant in the Health Center 
May 2013: Beverly Read, Office  Administrator in Admissions
June 2013: Kathy Cummings, Office Associate in Alumni Relations 
July 2013: Susan Mazuc, Office Associate in Schaefer Hall 
August 2013: Jamal Swann, General Support Staff / Setups
September 2013: Nancy Pratt, Housekeeper for the May Russell Alumni Lodge & Bean House
October 2013: Jeff Krissoff, Senior Academic Technology Support Technician
November 2013: Ben Casto, Learning Technologist
December 2013: Ashley Stopera, Graphic Designer
January 2014: Danielle Doubt, Admissions Counselor
February 2014: Kelvin Clark, Academic Advisor
March 2014: Kriante Plater, Housekeeper
April 2014: Andrew Keiper, Media Center Coordinator
May 2014: Stacey Goddard, Office Manager in Admissions
June 2014: Katie Guy, Office Associate in Montgomery Hall
July 2014: Elaine Syzmkowiak, director of instructional support for biology
August 2014: Angie Draheim, departmental assistant in psychology


This award is only available so long as there is funding. If you would like to donate to help ensure the award is given for many months to come, please visit  (the College's official and secure site for online giving) and, once you get to the second page, specify the Monthly Staff Recognition Fund under "other". Thank you!