Staff Reminders


- Take advantage of the new Tuition Remission Program for Full-time Staff of SMCM to attend Maryland Community Colleges! See here for more details.


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- Take care to mind your wellness!

Curent Members 

(Executive Council members in bold)

Academic Affairs

Dana Burke (Nov13-Jun14)

Academic Support

Angie Draheim, Psychology Department (AY12-13, AY13-14: Vice President) 

Admissions & Financial Aid

Marsha Wilcox (AY12-13, AY13-14)


Beth Byrd, Alumni Relations (AY12-13: Vice President, AY13-14)


Cindy Dale, Athletics (AY12-13, AY13-14)
Kathy Lewin, Academic Associates (AY13-14) 
Alan Lutton, Library (AY13-14)
Adam Werblow (AY11-12 & AY12-13: Waterfront; AY 13-14)


Katie Lange (AY12-13, AY13-14)

Business Office

Tommy Cable (AY13-14 Historian/Treasurer)

Human Resources

Faye Graves (AY12-13, AY13-14)


Andrew Keiper (AY13-14)

Office Associates

Leslie Tucker (AY13-14)

Instructional Technology

Dana Cullision  (AY11-12: at-large, AY13-14)

Planning & Facilities

Mary Grube (AY13-14 President)

Physical Plant

Mary Johnston, Maitenance (AY13-14)
Francis Raley, Trades (AY12-13)

Student Affairs

Clint Neill, Student Activities (AY13-14)
Linda Wallace, Health Services (AY12-13)