Staff Reminders


- Take advantage of the new Tuition Remission Program for Full-time Staff of SMCM to attend Maryland Community Colleges! See here for more details.


- Send your news/updates for the Staff Newsletter using the form on the Newsletters page or this link.


- Check out the staff blog for book and/or movie recommendations.


- New to SMCM or want some helpful information about SMCM & local resources? Check out the Staff Senate's Welcome to St. Mary's Guide!


- Take care to mind your wellness!

Monthly Staff Recognition Award

Congratulations to:

Danielle Doubt (January)

Kelvin Clark (February)

Kriante Plater (March)

Andrew Keiper (April)

Stacey Goddard (May)

Katie Guy (June)

Nominate a staff member today!

+ More Details

New Family Meal Rates in the Great Room!

  • Kids 2 and under FREE!!!

  • Breakfast Rates
    Kids (3-12yrs.) - $ 2.55;
    Adults: $3.85

  • Lunch, Brunch, Dinner
    Kids (3-12yrs.) - $ 3.85
    Adults: $7.65

Mission Statement

St. Mary's College of Maryland is committed to developing and recognizing the contributions of the full range of its professionals as they work towards achieving the college's mission. The St. Mary's College of Maryland Staff Senate shall be the official representative body of the college staff. The senate offers a voice for all staff, endeavors to enhance the day-to-day work environment, and promotes a sense of community and respect across campus by fostering open communication with the college president, senior administration, faculty, students and the board of trustees. 

Our Objectives

  1. Foster a spirit of unity, pride, and cooperation through participation in the advisement of the college president, administration, faculty, and board of trustees on decisions that will impact the staff and the college.
  2. Provide an opportunity for staff to share needs, concerns, and opinions on matters concerning the college community. 
  3. Advocate for the needs and concerns of college staff in communications with the president, administration, faculty, and board of trustees.
  4. Review existing college policies, procedures, programs, and benefits and make recommendations for revisions and additions.
  5. Educate the staff about issues affecting them and provide a forum for the exchange of information about policies, practices, and administrative changes.
  6. Advance the professional development and personal welfare of the staff and enhance their role in the college community.
  7. Promote communication, understanding, and mutual support among staff, faculty, and students.
  8. Recognize and celebrate the many achievements of college staff and their contributions to the success of the college.