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- Take advantage of the new Tuition Remission Program for Full-time Staff of SMCM to attend Maryland Community Colleges! See here for more details.


- Send your news/updates for the Staff Newsletter using the form on the Newsletters page or this link.


- Check out the staff blog for book and/or movie recommendations.


- New to SMCM or want some helpful information about SMCM & local resources? Check out the Staff Senate's Welcome to St. Mary's Guide!


- Take care to mind your wellness!

Monthly Staff Recognition Award

Congratulations to:

Danielle Doubt (January)

Kelvin Clark (February)

Kriante Plater (March)

Andrew Keiper (April)

Stacey Goddard (May)

Katie Guy (June)

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New Family Meal Rates in the Great Room!

  • Kids 2 and under FREE!!!

  • Breakfast Rates
    Kids (3-12yrs.) - $ 2.55;
    Adults: $3.85

  • Lunch, Brunch, Dinner
    Kids (3-12yrs.) - $ 3.85
    Adults: $7.65

St. Mary's Mentors

The SMCM Staff Senate is pleased to announce ST. MARY'S MENTORS, the new staff mentor program.

ST. MARY'S MENTORS is designed to provide new incoming staff a one-on-one connection with an established SMCM staff member to help acclimate them to their new workplace and assist them in making connections with the campus community.  Any SMCM staff member (new or existing) can become a mentee, and any current staff member is eligible to apply to become a mentor.

After the mentee is matched to a mentor, ST. MARY'S MENTORS helps your professional relationship by providing an introductory lunch, campus resources and information, and help with any questions.  Along the way, ST. MARY'S MENTORS encourages the mentor to introduce the mentee to other staff members, staff services, and college procedures, and continue ongoing communication by phone, e-mail and casual meetings.

A ST. MARY'S MENTOR mentor has a lot to offer a mentee - knowledge about people, places and procedures on campus, places to go for more information, staff services, campus facilities, ways to solve problems and answer questions, even new places to get lunch in the area.  They can be a guide to resources, confidant, friend, and SMCM partner.

Being a mentor means that you are interested in sharing your knowledge and experience to help a new staff member get adjusted to their new position at SMCM. Once you apply to become a mentor and attend a training session, you will be matched with an incoming staff member, and your ST. MARY'S MENTORS relationship begins.  Along the way, ST. MARY'S MENTORS will help you with any questions or concerns you might have - answers about campus policies, procedures and programs, support from other mentors, and resources to help you better guide your mentee to a fulfilling career at SMCM.

The first ST. MARY'S MENTORS mentor training session will be held in May.  If you are interested in applying to become a mentor, or if you are interested in being a mentee, please complete an application.  Applications for the first mentor training are due by June 30, 2014.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact any member of the Mentor Committee, the Staff Senate President (Mary Grube), or your staff senator.

The SMCM Staff Senate Mentor Program Committee

Alan Lutton (Chair)
Angie Draheim
Beth Byrd
Dana Cullison
Marsha Wilcox
Catherine Pratson
Mary Grube