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Strategic Plan



At the core of the College's identity is its commitment to providing academic excellence in the education of an undergraduate student population. As our mission states, we achieve this excellence through strong interactions between faculty, staff and students, small classes, experiential learning, and close student-faculty collaborations. Hence, of highest priority for our strategic planning are all issues related to curriculum, governance, technology, and mentoring that enhance teaching and learning activities. Accordingly, strategic planning must prioritize the allocation of funds in areas most critical to the College's core mission.

As resources continue to be a concern, we need to protect St. Mary's distinct quality, guaranteed through a dedicated and qualified faculty, talented students, small classes, and assessment strategies by which we can measure our curricular goals and objectives. Attention must be given to attracting and retaining excellent faculty, and supporting faculty in their teaching and research. At the same time, the College must be able to communicate effectively its educational mission and academic reputation to prospective students and the public in general.

Increase instructional funding in critical areas.

Flat operating budgets for several years have created challenges in many departments. Replacement and acquisition of necessary equipment are among the most critical needs. Further, the College should commit to an increase in full-time faculty to correspond with previous growth.

Objectives with Assessment Metrics

  1. By 2009, second-year retention will be stabilized at a minimum of 90%.
  2. By 2009, the College will increase the overall 6-year graduation rate to 76%.
  3. By 2009, 70% of all graduating seniors will complete a St. Mary's Project (SMP).
  4. Between 2005 and 2009, a minimum of 30% of one-year-out alumni and 50% of the five- and ten-year-out alumni will be attending or will have attended graduate or professional school.
  5. Between 2005 and 2009, a minimum of 98% of one-, five-, and ten-year-out alumni will report satisfaction with preparation for graduate studies.
  6. By 2009, at least 18% of graduates of St. Mary's College of Maryland will become teachers.
  7. Comparisons of before and after advisee load.

Internationalize the St. Mary's experience

The College recognizes the contributions of a global perspective on the development of our students, faculty, and staff. As a result, opportunities will be made for teaching and instruction abroad, as will opportunities for international students to study at the College. The International Council has identified a number of initiatives to aid in developing the international programs at the College.

Objectives with Assessment Metrics

  1. By 2009, we expect 65% of St. Mary's College graduates will have participated in an educational experience outside the United States.
  2. By 2009, we expect 60% of all full-time tenure-track faculty will have had an academic experience outside the United States within the past five years.