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Strategic Plan



At St. Mary's College, we believe that a cohesive community should share a sense of mission and a commitment to strive toward common goals. Individuals within such a community should embrace the mission, and at the same time appreciate and respect each others' differences. The recent growth of the College has increased stress and reduced the opportunities for communication across campus. At the same time, financial constraints have limited our ability to adequately recognize everyone's contributions. This lack of cohesion is unhealthy and inefficient. Valuing the dignity of everyone's work and improving the sense of respect and mutual responsibility among the students, faculty, staff, administration, and board of trustees will create the open, cohesive community we desire. As a result, we will see improved morale, decreased property damage, increased productivity, and higher retention of both students and employees.

Improve communication and programs between residential life, student affairs, and academic life.

The College is primarily a residential community for the majority of our students. As a result, it is imperative that all aspects of student life, academic and non-academic, show high levels of communication and coordination. This will continue to build the sense of community and reduce frustration of our students.

Objectives with Assessment Metrics

  1. Effectively utilize the results of the National Survey of Student Engagement to audit success of residence life, student affairs, and academic life.

Encourage the planning of inclusive campus-wide events.

As a small community, the College will increase the number of campus-wide extra-curricular events and the inclusion of the whole community at these events. The College will develop and implement waterfront programming which draws students, faculty and staff to that area of campus, benefiting from our geographical location and assets currently available.

Objectives with Assessment Metrics

  1. Community satisfaction surveys and results from NSSE will improve.
  2. Attendance at planned events will increase.

Enhance respect for environment and facilities.

For the members of the campus community, the College is a place that inspires commitment to learning, work, and play. For the surrounding community, the College has a responsibility to serve as a good neighbor. Sustaining the environment and facilities increases the quality of life of our students and shapes the perceptions of potential students, employees, and our neighbors.

Objectives with Assessment Metrics

  1. Decrease in end-of-year residence hall damages, currently at $50 per student in FY04, by 15% by summer 2008.
  2. Increase in recycling rates for solid waste from 18% to 25% by 2008.
  3. Current consumption of heating oil is 300,000 gallons per year. Reduce consumption per square foot of heating oil by 15% by July 2008.
  4. Current consumption of electricity is 13 million kilowatt hours per year. Reduce consumption per square foot of electricity by 15% by July 2008.