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Strategic Plan



(Approved by the Board of Trustees on May 13, 2005)
(Approved by the Faculty on February 24, 2004)
(Approved by the Student Government Association on October 20, 2003)

St Mary's College of Maryland, designated the state's Honors College, is an independent public institution in the liberal arts tradition. We promote scholarship and creativity by challenging our students to achieve academic excellence through close relationships with faculty, classroom activities, and experiential learning. Our faculty and staff foster intellectual, social, and ethical development within a community dedicated to diversity and access. We provide students with opportunities to understand and serve local, national, and global communities and to accomplish social change.

Founded on the site of Maryland's first capital, the College stands as a living legacy to the ideals of freedom and inclusiveness. Our beautiful residential campus on the banks of the St. Mary's River inspires our work, our play, and our commitment to the environment.

We value:

  1. Creative and intellectual exploration
  2. Diversity in all its forms
  3. Social responsibility and civic mindedness
  4. Global engagement
  5. Environmental stewardship
  6. A spirit of community revolving around our students

St. Mary's College of Maryland pursues the following goals:

  1. Maintaining a high standard of academic excellence
  2. Strengthening student/faculty interaction through small classes and close collaborations
  3. Enhancing access, affordability, and diversity
  4. Providing an integrative curriculum and fostering intellectual autonomy
  5. Expanding global engagement opportunities for our students and faculty
  6. Promoting and maintaining a community built on respect
  7. Offering a variety of educational, cultural, and recreational experiences for the campus and local communities