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Strategic Plan



St. Mary's College of Maryland must meet the challenge of meeting long-term human, capital, equipment, technology, and financial resource needs to sustain the College's mission of affordable academic excellence.

Full-time student enrollment grew 15% between the fiscal years 1998 through 2004. However our unique State funding in the form of a block grant has led to an overall annual per-student decline in State funding since 1992. As such, we can no longer depend on current funding levels, especially when experts in the economics of higher education are forecasting that state support will continue to decline, regardless of the overall condition of the economy. Prioritizing College resources, developing new revenue streams, and efficiently allocating current resources must be inherent in the College's planning process: a strategic process of continual assessment and revision, consistent with budgetary planning and available resources.

Increase student-derived revenues.

Increasing tuition-based revenues will permit the College to undertake new initiatives without sole reliance on additional funding from other sources. The College will continue to charge a competitive rate for tuition while reserving adequate funding for need-based financial assistance. Out-of state enrollment is a key contributor to tuition revenues, and promotes diversity within the student body of the College.

Objectives with Assessment Metrics

  1. By 2009, 25% of the incoming class will be from out of state.
  2. Maintain residence hall occupancy rates at or above 97% of the existing or increased capacity on campus.
  3. Competitively price College services in relationship to other higher education trends and the sought-after balance of the student body as projected in the Strategic Plan.

Develop and implement a Campus Master Plan in coordination with the College's Strategic Plan.

The College recognizes that facilities and grounds are a critical resource for academic, extra-curricular, and co-curricular programs of St. Mary's College of Maryland. These assets are an integral part of the identity of the College and provide benefits both instructional and aesthetic. Our facilities and grounds also enhance campus life and serve as prime recruitment and retention factors for all members of the campus community. As a result, the College must maintain a Campus Master Plan that is consistent with its mission and coordinated with the Strategic Plan of the College.

Objectives with Assessment Metrics

  1. Complete a revision of the Campus Master Plan to develop capital development strategies in support of the Strategic Plan, address long-range facilities' needs, and support joint land use objectives of the affiliation with HSMC by fall 2006.
  2. Goodpaster Hall and the New Student Services buildings will be constructed and opened by August 2007 and August 2008, respectively.
  3. Complete the site plan for the replacement of Anne Arundel and the HSMC Heritage Museum by October 2005.
  4. Complete the facility program and site plan for the Music and Auditorium Facility by October 2006.
  5. Develop a campus plan to improve overall landscaping and site beautification by June 2006.
  6. Increase deferred maintenance funding by $800,000 through 2009.
  7. Complete a plan (short-term and long-term) for faculty offices by July 2005.