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The St. Mary's Way

St. Mary's College of Maryland lies in a setting of natural beauty and historic meaning which enhances our ability to reflect on our lives in an increasingly complex, technological, and interdependent world. As a member of St. Mary's College of Maryland, I accept the St. Mary's Way and agree to join in working with others to develop this College as a community:

  • Where people respect the natural environment and the tradition of tolerance which is the heritage of this place
  • Where people cultivate a life-long quest for disciplined learning and creativity
  • Where people take individual responsibility for their work and actions
  • Where people foster relationships based upon mutual respect, honesty, integrity, and trust
  • Where people are engaged in an ongoing dialogue that values differences and the unique contributions of others' talents, backgrounds, customs, and world views
  • Where people are committed to examining and shaping the functional, ethical values of our changing world
  • Where people contribute to a spirit of caring and an ethic of service.

By choosing to join this community, I accept the responsibility of helping to build on its past heritage, of living its ideals, and contributing to its future.

Welcome to St. Mary's!

Dean's Advisory Council

Advisory Council Role

The mission of the Dean's Advisory Council is to improve the quality of student life at St. Mary's College of Maryland by providing input, ideas, and assistance to the Dean of Students. A successful advisory council can play a number of roles in fulfilling that mission, including:

  • serving as an advocate for the quality of student life at St. Mary's College of Maryland
  • providing feedback from students
  • reviewing, monitoring or assessing specific services, programs or products
  • evaluating the performance of student centered programs and procedures
  • developing strategic ideas to improve the quality of student life
  • providing an opportunity for students to be involved in the Dean's Office decisions
  • providing a sounding board for new ideas, programs, etc.
  • serving as ambassadors of campus life through the variety of contacts each member brings to the Council


The Council includes representation from the Student Government Association, affiliated student groups, and the general student population. We strive to find as diverse a group as possible, representing all class years, many demographic groups, and a number of other characteristics. Additional members may be appointed if the issues and topics warrant.

Terms of Service

Generally, advisory council members will serve for one academic year and are eligible for re-appointment by the Dean of Students.

Advisory Council Meetings

The Dean's Advisory Council generally meets once a month. Meetings usually take place during the lunch or dinner hour. We will contact the council members throughout the year using e-mail.

Advisory Council Roles

The Council's roles may vary from advising and assisting to organizing. The "Dean's Advisory Council" is not involved in day-to-day operations; they advise on student fees, provide endorsements for programs, support the Dean to other groups within the College, and provide feedback to the Dean, student affairs, and other parts of the College on issues such as training, future activities, strategic planning, and procedural changes. In some cases, Council members contribute to assignments throughout the year or participate in task groups. If you are interested in participating, send an email to the Dean of Students, Leonard Brown, and his Administrative Assistant, Lisa Youngborg, by the end of the second week of classes.