New Leadership for the Chesapeake, June 2013

New Leadership for the Chesapeake Summer 2013 Instructors


Chesapeake Bay Foundation Instructors:

Kim Coble

Kim Coble is the vice president of environmental protection and restoration at the CBF.  She earned a bachelor of arts degree in biology from University of Puget Sound and a master’s degree in public health in environmental health and toxicology from University of Washington. As vice president , she directs policy and manages a diverse team of scientists, land use specialists, lawyers, grassroots coordinators and volunteers to protect and restore MD's portion of the Bay.


Elizabeth Buckman

Vice President of Communications



Don Baugh

Vice President of Environmental Education

Don Baugh is Vice President of Environmental Education at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. His current job responsibilities include: steering the direction and vision of CBF's education program; acquiring funding; overseeing the budget process; overseeing capital improvements; serving as a liaison to the Board of Trustees; and developing policy for the entire organization. Don's leadership and vision as an environmental educator has been widely recognized across the nation. He has won numerous awards at the national and local level for his achievements; most notably, in 1992, Mr. Baugh accepted the Presidential Medal for Environmental Excellence from President George H.W. Bush on behalf of CBF's education program. The award was given for excellence in developing innovative solutions to the Nation's environmental challenges.




St. Mary's College of Maryland Instructors: 

Dr. Randy Larsen

Randy Larsen (Ph.D., University of Maryland) is an associate professor and chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at St. Mary's College of Maryland. He has authored several academic publications and government reports covering a wide range of environmental topics on air and water pollution.

Before his doctoral work, Dr. Larsen worked as an engineer at the Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site and at Fort Sill and Tinker Air Force Base. He also served as an officer in the U.S. Army reserves for eight years.




Barrett Emerick

Barrett Emerick (Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder) is an assistant professor of philosophy, specializing in ethics, social and political philosophy, and feminist philosophy. His current research focuses on restorative justice and moral repair, the intersection of epistemology and ethics, and moral responsibility. He is currently a member of the environmental studies group.



Dr. Leah Eller

Leah Eller (Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin) is an assistant professor of chemistry. She was as a postdoc for the Chemical Sciences Division of Oak Ridge National Lab in Oak Ridge, Tenn. Her current research focuses on where she used radiotracers to study anion extraction for the purpose of nuclear waste remediation. Her current research interests include pollutant extraction, and the development of green, sustainable materials for energy use and environmental remediation of waste products. Dr. Eller enjoys working with students at all levels in her research efforts. Dr. Eller is the coordinator for the environmental studies minor at St. Mary’s College of Maryland.


Amy Henderson

Amy Henderson (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University) is as assistant professor of economics whose specialty is environmental and natural resource economics. Her courses apply the principles of benefit-cost analysis to discriminate between competing resource uses while highlighting the importance of non-market valuation techniques to fully assess benefits/costs. Other research interests include valuing willingness to pay for aquaculture-raised oysters via contingent valuation methodology.