New Leadership for the Chesapeake, June 2013

Trip To Port Isobel Island

The New Leadership for the Chesapeake will start off with a breathtaking trip to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s island center on Port Isobel Island where you will stay for two days and one night.  You will then have the unique opportunity to experience a full day of field experience, which will include a canoe trip from Wicomico landing, oyster reef exploring and harvesting.

Port Isobel is a 250-acre island east of Tangier Island. It is the southernmost point between the Tangier Sound and the Chesapeake Bay proper.  Referenced on nautical charts as East Point Marsh, this Virginia island was named Port Isobel to honor the wife of one of its residents. In the 1800s, it was inhabited by families from Tangier Island, but rising sea levels in the 1920s forced them to abandon their homes. The majority of the island was donated to CBF in the late 1980s.

Students enrolled in either the certificate program or the three week credit course will get this experience.