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Group at Anne Hathaway's cottage

Group at Anne Hathaway's cottage.

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2011 Putnam Team

Mitch Raftery greets Prince Charles during a parade on the streets of Stratford.

June 10–July 1, 2013

This course can be taken to fulfill both the Core ELAW requirement (Experiencing Liberal Arts in the World) and an elective in English.

"Summer Shakespeare:  Billy’s Kitchen" is a study tour designed to provide students an up-close-and-personal relationship with the Bard and his work within the literal and metaphoric context of consumption.  Amid many of the same buildings in which Shakespeare slept, read, wrote, dreamed, desired, hoped, argued, and loved—and, yes, also ate—students study and attend five or six major dramatic productions of Shakespeare’s time, comparing their observations with those of world-renowned scholars and actors at the Shakespeare Centre and the Royal Shakespeare Company theaters in Stratford-upon-Avon, with an additional field trip to the Globe Theatre in London.  In addition, students consider how Shakespeare's plays as well as his name and image are "consumed," both in terms of food and food imagery and in terms of British culinary culture.  In the end, this tour affords students not only an intimate knowledge of the most famous writer in English but a clear understanding of Shakespeare’s relevance to their own lives—including at their own tables.

Pre-req's:  a 200-level English class or permission of the instructor

SMCM Student Kate Walters meets Dame Judi Dench after a public reading in Stratford.

SMCM student Kate Walters meets Dame Judi Dench after a public reading in Stratford.