Program Highlights

Group at Anne Hathaway's cottage

Group at Anne Hathaway's cottage.

Student Spotlight

2011 Putnam Team

Mitch Raftery greets Prince Charles during a parade on the streets of Stratford.

Schedule of Plays


Micah Benons and Alex Swope examine an original copy of Shakespeare's 1623 "First Folio" during a documents display at the Shakespeare Centre library.The specific plays have not yet been announced by the Royal Shakespeare Company, but they typically include a mix of histories, comedies, and tragedies, as well as a dramatic read-through.


SMCM at the Eagle and Child pub, Oxford

The group will leave from and return to either Washington Dulles International or Baltimore-Washington International.  Upon arrival in London, the group will transfer by coach to Stratford, where it will enjoy the weekend becoming familiar with Shakespeare's town—the pubs, the haunts, the river and country walks, the shops, the bookstores, the gardens, the old churchyard, the monuments, the alternate bustle and quiet of Shakespeare's Elizabethan streets.  A special stroll through the meadows and country lanes to Anne Hathaway's cottage highlights weekend activities.

On Monday, the group will begin its study under Dr. Paul Edmondson, Director of the Shakespeare Centre, and other Centre faculty.  Some time will be reserved for study at the Shakespeare Centre on an individual research project based on primary sources (e.g., Stratford historical documents; reviews of RSC productions over the last century; artistic and technical directors' notebooks about interpretation, set construction, and costuming; historic and contemporary art reflected Shakespeare's characters; and important texts of Shakespeare's plays).  Group members will also examine original Renaissance documents pertaining to the life of William Shakespeare.

Most days will feature one or more of the following activities:

—discussions led by RSC actors and/or Centre staff;
—local sightseeing (e.g., Shakespeare's birthplace, Holy Trinity Church, Hall's Croft, the Arden farm);
—travel to nearby points of interest, such as Kenilworth or Broughton Castles, the charming Cotswolds, Oxford, and London's Globe Theatre.