How to be Green at SMCM

Just how green is St. Mary's?  Coming soon: a Green Guide designed especially for SMCM!


Recycling, reusing and composting are a large part of our efforts to stay green.  The more students dispose of their waste properly, the more resources we can conserve.  But there are other sustainabile practices not everyone knows about: 

  • Energy-Efficient Washers - The front-load washing machines installed in all of the laundry facilities on campus save up to 70% more water than the traditional top-load machines.  
  • Motion Sensor Lights - Motion sensor lights are all over campus - from the bathrooms in the Library to the classrooms in Goodpaster.  These lights reduce electricity used when there is no activity in an area.
  • Low-flow Toilets and Showers - Most of the toilets and showers on campus are low-flow (the low-flow ones do not have the tank on the back of the toilet), and some of the toilets are dual flush, such as in the River Center and Goodpaster.
  • Alternative Transportation
    • Bike Rental Program - St. Mary's encourages alternate transportation, so if you want to rent a bike, contact the Bike Shop.  For more information, please contact the Bike Shop Manager at
    • Get a ride from the STS bus.
    • Start carpooling with friends or on the St. Mary's carpool site.


  • Anti-Idling Policy - At St. Mary's, we strongly encourage students to not leave their cars idling while moving, waiting, or chatting with others.  Not only is it costly for the drivers, but it's not good for our planet, either.
  • Green Cleaning Supplies - Housekeeping purchases green cleaning supplies for the campus, and we also encourage our students in townhouses to clean with environmentally-friendly materials.