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  • September 1
    Labor Day. No classes.
  • September 2
    Classes begin.
  • September 4
    TFMS Open House, 7:30 p.m., Bruce Davis Theater, MH. Come enjoy the party! Mandatory for declared and intended TFMS majors.
  • September 9-10
    Auditions, Much Ado About Nothing, 6:00-10:00 p.m., Bruce Davis Theater, MH. Contact the director, Michael Ellis-Tolaydo, for information.


TFMS Alumni
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Megan Rippey

Megan Rippey (class of 2008, B.A. women, gender, and sexuality studies, minor in theater studies) recently completed her M.F.A. in acting at the California Institute of the Arts (class of 2013).


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Production and Shop Facilities

Following is a list of production and shop facilities organized and run by TFMS and of media production labs available to TFMS students.

Office/studio of the resident designer (MH 156): Located off the costume shop, the resident designer's office houses the studio and office of the scenic and costume designer.

Office/studio of the technical director/lighting designer (MH 167): Located off the scene shop, the production office houses the technical director's office and studio.

Office/studio of the theater operations specialist (MH 179B): The office of the theater operations specialist serves as the design/graphics studio for all front-of-house activities.

Office of Media Storage/TFMS Archives (MH 165): This office houses all camera and video equipment used by media production classes as well as all department archives. Access to this space is by permission only.

Majors' Design Studio (the "Design Studio," MH 163): Located off the scene shop, the design studio occupies the first floor of "Fort Knox." It serves as studio space for students enrolled in design courses and is equipped with drafting tables. Students are responsible for maintaining the space.

The Secret Affairs of Mildred WildScene Shop (MH 166): Located directly behind the Bruce Davis Theater, the scene shop functions as a woodworking, painting, and production/lab studio for all main stage shows, technical/design classes, production crews (except costume), and all theater activities otherwise sponsored by the department. Standard bench and power/hand tools are stored here, and may only be used under appropriate supervision and within designated areas. Note: The Scene Shop is not available for personal use.

Scenery Storage: Located off the scene shop, scenery storage holds all stock platforms and flats, furniture pieces, and other large items for use in main stage productions. Note: Items in Scenery Storage are not available for personal use.

Properties Storage (upper floor, MH 163): Located off the scene shop and on the second floor of the Design Studio, Properties Storage houses all stock properties for use in main stage productions. Note: Items in Properties Storage are not available for personal use.

Costume Shop (MH 162): Located off the scene shop, the costume shop provides working space for costume design and building activities for all main stage shows and costume design classes, and houses a costume storage area, two dressing rooms with access to shower facilities, and a laundry/dye room. The costume shop proper is equipped with a large cutting table, sewing machines, and storage cabinets for fabrics, patterns, and notions. Note: The Costume Shop and laundry/dye room are not available for personal use.

Costume Storage (accessible through the White Room, MH 20c): Costume storage holds costume inventory, costume props, period clothing, and some accessories. Note: Items in Costume Storage are not available for personal use.

Production Support (MH 171): Located behind the Bruce Davis Theater and adjacent to the scene shop, production support contains lockers for use by students enrolled in TFMS 171 (Elements of Design) and storage cabinets for select equipment (including first-aid), lighting gels, properties in use during main stage productions, and other items.

Production Support Loft: Located above production support, the loft provides access to the grid and to additional storage space for soft goods, and may be used for running sound during main stage productions.

The Green Room (MH 172): Adjacent to production support and the location of many classes in TFMS, the Green Room provides production crews and student performers with "quiet space" during the run of all main stage shows, and is equipped with meager kitchen facilities (sink, stove, and small refrigerator) for use only in the preparation of foodstuffs or properties for main stage or White Room productions. Note: Students are responsible for the proper care and maintenance of the Green Room and its facilities during the run of any main stage production. "Clean-up" crews will be assigned by the stage manager.

Grid: Located above the Theater proper, the grid houses some lighting equipment and cable for use in main stage productions.

Filmmaking Resources

Arms and the ManTFMS resources in media production provide students with access to a variety of video production and post-production technology. Production classes and St. Mary’s Projects have access to Canon Vixia HF-S30 and Canon XA-10 HD cameras, Smith-Victor lighting kits, and Audio-Technica microphones, along with supporting production equipment. Post-production equipment is located in the Montgomery Hall Pro-Lab and the TFMS Editing Room as well as in the Media Center, located on the third floor of the College Library.

Montgomery Hall Pro-Lab and Learning Lab: The Montgomery Hall Pro-Lab includes 10 22" Intel iMacs w/Mac OS 10.5, Adobe CS3 Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks), Maya 2008 Complete, Quicktime Pro, and Final Cut Studio (Final Cut, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack, Compressor) with dedicated JVC SR-DVM600 3-in-1 MiniDV, 40GB hard disk drive, and DVD player/recorder combo decks. The adjacent Montgomery Hall Learning Lab is equipped with 20 17" Intel iMacs w/Mac OS 10.5, Adobe CS3 Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks), ProTools LE, and several flatbed scanners.

TFMS Editing Room: The digital video lab is a full-featured editing lab that includes two G-5 editing stations w/Mac OS 10.5 and Final Cut Studio (Final Cut, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack, Compressor) as well as dedicated Mini-DV decks and NTSC output monitors.

Media Center, Baltimore Hall Library: The Media Center is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for classroom and student use as well as a large screening room for the viewing of films. It also includes a dark room, a graphics studio, an audio/video editing and recording studio, and some study carrels equipped with audio-visual equipment. Media services personnel are available to assist students in locating equipment and in operating it safely.

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