To The Point Student Handbook 2014-2015


St. Mary's College of Maryland establishes the following policy regarding the smoking and use of tobacco products.  The Governor's Executive Order (01.01.1992.20) establishes guidelines upon which the St. Mary's policy is based. 

  1. Policy
    1. Buildings 

      Smoking or carrying any lighted tobacco product is prohibited in all state buildings and facilities. 

    2. State Vehicles 

      Smoking is prohibited in all state vehicles. 

    3. Residence Halls, Suites, Apartments, and Townhouses 

      Smoking is prohibited in all areas of all residential facilities.  

  2. Enforcement
    1. Responsibility 

      All employees and students share in the responsibility for adhering to and enforcing this policy and have the responsibility for bringing it to the attention of visitors. 

    2. Conflict resolution 

      The Office of Human Resources is responsible for resolving conflicts and investigating claims of employees.  The coordinator of Student Activities and Judicial Affairs is responsible for resolving conflicts and investigating claims of students. 

    3. Disciplinary procedures 

      1. For an employee found in noncompliance, the following shall result: 
        1. For the first offense: be directed to Human Resources for counseling on the provisions of the Executive Order (verbal  warning). 
        2. For the second offense: be given a written reprimand. 
        3. For a third offense: receive a suspension. 
        4. For a fourth or subsequent offense: may result in termination of employment. 
      2. For a student found in noncompliance, an incident report may be forwarded to the coordinator of student conduct officer for adjudication.