To The Point Student Handbook 2014-2015


In order to protect the St. Mary’s College of Maryland community, specific authorization for soliciting, selling, or collecting contributions must be obtained from the assistant dean of students for Student Activities and/or the associate dean of students/director of Residence Life, depending on the nature of the activity.  Requests should include a complete description of the proposed activity and must be signed by the individual or a representative of the organization.  This policy applies to students and non-students who desire to sell merchandise, goods, services, food, and/or drink at any location on the St. Mary’s campus. 


  1. Commercial activity is any sale or offer of sale to secure a profit for an individual or  group.  Such activities generally will be prohibited unless necessary to St. Mary’s College of Maryland purposes.  Persons seeking approval of a commercial activity on the grounds that it is necessary to St. Mary’s College of Maryland purposes will be required to furnish complete details of the proposed activity, including the extent of their financial interest to the assistant dean of students for Student Activities.  Student organizations can sponsor commercial sales on campus under the following guidelines:
    1. A vendor who wants to sell items on campus must complete a vendor application prior to the requested date.  The cost is $25 per day plus 10% of sales over the first $250 Payment must be made the day of the event in cash or by check made payable to SMCM. 
    2. Students wishing to engage services in their residence for personal care products (e.g. Mary Kay, Avon) for a specified guest list must obtain prior permission from the associate dean of students/director of Residence Life at least two weeks in advance. 
  2. Non-commercial activity is defined as any sale or offer of sale to (1) secure funds for benefit of any non-profit organization, or (2) any non-profit sale.  The assistant dean of students for Student Activities or designee must approve activities for the benefit of student organizations or charitable organizations. If the activity is proposed to take place in a residence (e.g. a canned food drive), the associate dean of students/director of Residence Life must also approve the activity. Standards for considering a request may include one or more of the following: 
    1. Students offering a service (for example, Avon sales, bus ticket sales, or other sales activities) to members of the St. Mary’s community in order to provide funds for their own education must obtain permission from the assistant dean of students for Student Activities or designee. 
    2. The activity must not be disruptive and must be conducted only in areas and at times approved by assistant dean of students for Student Activities.  Room-to-room solicitation in any building on campus is prohibited. 
    3. The activity must be conducted in an acceptable and business-like manner. All vendors are required to set up in the first floor lobby of the Campus Center or on the first floor patio of the Campus Center. 
    4. Materials sold must not be harmful, and perishable goods must be handled properly. 
    5. If the materials sold require equipment for preparation or dispensing, such equipment must be approved at the time permission for the activity is granted. 
    6. The sale of merchandise to raise money for political or partisan purposes is prohibited. 

Failure to obtain authorization or to comply with these regulations may result in disciplinary action against the student or student organization.  Other persons or non-student organizations in violation of the terms of this policy will be dealt with as trespassers.  This policy does not apply to the sale or distribution of newspapers.  The sale or offering of personal property or personal services rendered (sewing, typing, etc.) by individual members of the academic community is not within the scope of this policy as long as the property in question was not bought for the purpose of resale.