Twain Events

April 11, 2014
"An Evening with 
Sarah Vowell"
7:30 PM

Doors open at
6:30 with music
by WD-40
(Wes Lanich '05,
Darrion Siler '07,
& Nathan
Graham '06) 



An Evening with Sarah Vowell 

Sarah Vowell

Photo by Bennett Miller

On April 11, 2014, Sarah Vowell will deliver the 8th annual Twain Lecture on American Humor and Culture. 

Event is free and open to the public.

About the Series

"Humor must not professedly teach, and it must not professedly preach, but it must do both if it would live forever."

With these words Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) has given us our charge.  We ourselves must live forever through humor.  It is the function of the Mark Twain Lecture Series on American Humor and Culture to present the wide range of topics that face all humans, specifically American, through humor and the guiding presence of America’s greatest humorist and most typical American. For more Twain resources, please click here.

About the Lectures

The Twain Lecture Series consists of a primary annual lecture in the spring and additional smaller events that usually take place in the fall. These additional events include "Laughing to the Polls," "Music & Truth," and talks by Twain scholars. Some of these events are one-time guest lectures, but we hope to make others regular fixtures of the Series. For more information on past speakers and events, please click here.

About the Director of the Lecture Series

Dr. Ben Click

Ben Click is a full professor at St. Mary's College of Maryland, chair of the English department, director of the Writing Center, and director of the Twain Lecture Series on American Humor and Culture.   His doctorate is from Penn State University, and he has been teaching at St. Mary's since1998.  He has given numerous lectures and scholarly papers on Mark Twain, including talks at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and the International Quadrennial Conference on the State of Twain Scholarship.  He wrote a regular column, "What Would Twain Say?" for the River Gazette and has published several articles and book chapters on the teaching of writing. Most of his research centers on rhetorical aspects humor in literature, specifically Twain's anti-imperialist writings, but he recently co-authored a book on the rhetoric of Charlie Chaplin and humor.  

When he's not doing his professional life, he enjoys playing and listening to the blues (blues guitar and boogie woogie piano), working with wood, and watching and reading about baseball.  But what he enjoys most is the company of his wife, two daughters, and their laughter.

Contact Ben Click at 240-895-4253 or baclick@smcm.edu

Read Click's "What Would Mark Twain Say" Column from the River Gazette:

For more information on Dr. Click's past talks, please click here.