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Crew Club Team
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Offshore Sailing Club Team
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Adam L. Werblow
Director of the Waterfront
Head Varsity Sailing Coach

Bill Ward
Director of Sailing
Varsity Sailing Coach

Rick Loheed
Assistant Director Waterfront Activities

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(240) 895-4455

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Sunset fishing


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Sailing around Point


These are the Waterfront Clubs and Club Teams;

The Crew Club Team
The Keel Boat Club Team
The Offshore Sailing Club Team
The Sailing Club
The Windsurfing Club
The Wakeboarding Club

Club members enjoy a strong love for the individual activities they have chosen, and show it regularly. Each semester, they collectively sponsor a student run event called 'Get your Float On' where all the clubs get out nearly every boat/windsurfer/wakeboard we have and try to get someone new involved. This year it happened to coincide with Family Weekend, the unofficial 'soft opening' of the River Center, and the day before 'The Great Cardboard Boat Race!'

Club News Item- The Windsurfing Club has taken delivery of 8 techno 293 One Design boards and a variety of rig sizes for them. This opens a host of possibilities for new Windsurfers and expert Windsurfers alike, and adds the potential for competitions using these one design boards! They look great and we look forward to expanding the possibilities!

Windsurfing Sunday December 7;

3 Windsurfers