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Scheduling an Event

Event Check List

Person of Trust

The River Center hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Mon-Fri, other hours and weekends an SMCM Faculty or Staff member must be responsible for the facility during your event. We will do everything we can to assist, but have  limited event support capability even during normal hours. (we all teach, coach, maintain boats…) If you are the responsible party you may delegate a trusted individual to assist you in the event you cannot cover the entire event  personally. The named Faculty/Staff member is ultimately responsible for the facility and any actions of the designated trustee. One of these individuals will be required to be present as Public Safety opens and/or closes the building to verify security.

During the Event

  • “The Awesome Room” has an iPod Docking station you may use.
  • Watch for and be sure people clean up any spilled liquids!
  • Be aware of activities around the fireplace
  • Please do not move furniture inside- it will scratch the bamboo floors!

After the Event

  • Check that wood surfaces are dry
  • Check that floors are dry
  • Survey the area and collect trash- outside also if you had people outside
  • If you had catering, wait for them to finish and monitor their clean up
  • Put any outside chairs that were moved back where they should be
  • Close and lock any opened windows, especially by the deck
  • Verify the Fireplace is off
  • Turn off the lights- (push button, don’t just slide the dimmer down)
  • Be sure everyone has left the building
  • Monitor Public Safety has locked the building- check them all please.
  • Beware Double French doors need to both close 100%