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History of the Wellness Committee

Wellness Committee Members:

Co-chair Leslie Tucker, Office Associate I/ Athletics

Co-chair Rannieta Rothwell, Integrated Student Services Coordinator/Glendening Hall

Tom Fisher, Athletics and Recreation Center Director

 Lucy Myers, Fiscal Associate II/Kent Hall

Barbara Cooke, Assistant Supervisor/Mailroom

Rob Sloan, Associate Librarian

Megan Root, Sexual Assault/Wellness Advocate, Health & Counseling Services

Leslie Urgo, Volunteer, St. Mary’s City


History of the Wellness Committee


What is the Wellness Committee? 

The committee was started at the request of Dr. Botzman, VP for Business and Finance.  Dr. Botzman asked the director of human resources, Sally Mercer, to form a wellness committee for employees.  Sally Mercer asked the following staff members if they would like to be part of this committee (Candace Daniels, Wellness Advocate and Sexual Assault Coordinator; Teresa Fields, Associate Professor; Thomas Fishers, Athletics and Recreation Center Director; Lucy Myers, Fiscal Associate II Kent Hall; Rannieta Rothwell, Office Associate II HR and Leslie Tucker, Office Associate I Athletics).  Sally Mercer put the committee together for the initial meeting which was held on May 19, 2008. The makeup of the committee would consist of faculty, non-exempt and exempt employees.


Wellness Committee Goals: 

The initial goals of the wellness committee was to start a wellness program, create a wellness website & monthly SMCM wellness newsletter and have a wellness fair for employees.  Our goal for the wellness program is to provide flex time for employees to walk, use the gym for workouts, etc., during work hours.  To date, we have been able to sponsor 2 annual wellness fairs.  The committee is in the planning stages of its 3rd fair.


Wellness Fair: 

After 4 months from the conception the team was able to have the 1st Annual Wellness Fair on August 20, 2008.  It was a huge success considering the short time span to plan the fair.  We had almost 100 staff members attend.  The 2nd Annual Wellness fair was held on August 12, 2009.  It was a larger success than the 1st fair.  We had over 200 employees attend. Donations were received from several departments on campus.  All vendors are volunteers, doors prizes and gift giveaways were donated from outside organizations. 


3rd Annual Wellness Fair: 

The 3rd Annual Wellness fair is planned for Wednesday, August 11, 2010 in the Michael O’Brien Athletics Department.  We are in the initial planning stages of this event.  Please see handout.


Past Members:

Candace Daniels, Wellness Advocate and Sexual Assault Coordinator

Teresa Field, Associate Professor

Anthony Guzman, Lifelong Learning & Professional Development Coordinator

Alberta Hickman, Director of Student Health Services