St. Mary's College of Maryland

Faculty Highlight

Libby Nutt Williams

Libby Nutt Williams
Dr. Libby Williams has been elected the 2013 Woman of the Year for the Section for the Advancement of Women (SAW) of the Society of Counseling Psychology at the American Psychological Association. Congratulations, Libby!


Fall 2014 Courses —see below

The following courses meet the WGSX Minor Requirement. For a full course listing view the Schedule of Classes.

You may download the course descriptions here.


Course #

Course Title


Days / Times





ANTH 336.01

The Cultured Body


9:20 - 10:30 MWF

ARTH 382.01

Sexuality and Modernity in 20th and 21st Century Art


6:00-9:50 T

ASIA 200.01 Introduction to Asian Studies: The Modern Self Chen 2:40-4:30 MW

ASIA 335.40

Economics of the Sex Industry in SE Asia


(Payap Thailand)

ECON 235.40

Economics of the Sex Industry in SE Asia


(Payap Thailand)

ENGL 235.01

African American Expression


8:00-9:50 T-TR

ENGL 355.01

Couples Comedy


10:00-11:50 T-TR

ENGL 410.02

Faulkner, Hurston, and Cather


9:20-10:30 MWF

ENGL 430.01

Woman Word: Ango-American Women Write the Novel

J. Cognard-Black

8:00-9:50 T-TR

HIST 475.01

History of the Family in Europe and the US


6:00-7:50 T-TR

ILCT 293.01

Intro to Cultural Studies


12:00-1:50 T-TR

PHEC 167.01/02

Self-Defense Against Sexual Assault (2 Credits)


4:00-5:50 T/
6:00-7:50 T 

PHIL 321.01 Environmental Ethics Emerick 12:00-1:10 MWF
PHIL 325.01 Feminism and Philosophy Emerick 10:40-11:50 MWF
PSYC 356.01 Psychology of Women Tickle 2:00-3:50 T-TR
RELG 310.01 Ascetics, Saints, and Sinners Staff 2:40-4:30 MW

RELG 355.01

Women in Islam


1:20-2:30 MWF

TFMS 220.01 Intro to Film and Media Studies Klein 2:00-3:50 T-TR
TFMS 275.01

Costumes/Clothes in History


1:20-2:30 MWF

TFMS 325.01 Documentary Practices Klein 10:00-11:50 T-TR
TFMS 422.01 Horror Film: Of Monsters and Monstrosities Rhoda

2:40-4:30 MW