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Faculty Highlight

Libby Nutt Williams

Dr. Libby Nutt Williams

Dr. Libby Williams has been elected the 2013 Woman of the Year for the Section for the Advancement of Women (SAW) of the Society of Counseling Psychology at the American Psychological Association. Congratulations, Libby!

Annual Colloquium - 2011
Women in War: Object/Subject

2011 Colloquium

Twelfth Annual Women Studies Colloquium
March 22–24 2011

Gendering the Narratives of Three Generations of Palestinian Women in Israel
Wednesday, March 23
4:45 pm; Cole Cinema

Isis Nusair, Assistant Professor of Women's Studies and International Studies at Denison University

Collateral Image: Portraits of Iraqi Refugees
Wednesday, March 23
8:00 pm; Cole Cinema
Gabriela Bulisova, Photographer and Photojournalist

Neither Battle Field Nor Home Front: The Liminality of Women in Early American Warfare, Real and Imagined
Thursday, March 24
4:00 pm; Cole Cinema
Andrea Robertson Cremer, Assistant Professor of History, Macalester College

Thursday, March 24
8:00 pm; Cole Cinema
Roundtable Discussion with Colloquium participants

2011 Committee Members:

  • Gail Savage (co-chair, Department of History)
  • Sahar Shafqat (co-chair, Department of Political Science)
  • Jennifer Cognard-Black, ex officio (English; WGSX Coordinator)
  • Brandi Stanton (Core Curriculum)
  • Celia Rabinowitz (Library) 
  • David Ellsworth (Theatre, Film, and Media Studies)
  • Betul Basaran (Philosophy and Religious Studies)
  • Julia Brady (student member)