Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

You have several options:
1) use our online scheduler,

2) stop by, and we'll do our best to assist you, or

3) email us at for assistance or additional availability. 

E-mailing or stopping by are the best options if you can't make any of the posted hours.

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Meet the Tutors:



Hannah Myers

Major: English

Minor: Music & WGSX


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FYS Instructor Information

Some of these items also appear on the general list of Faculty Resources, but others are unique to FYS instructors. Use the links below to learn more about how the Writing and Speaking Center can support the FYS:

Liaison Responsibilities--a 1-page document that explains how Writing and Speaking Center liaisons fit in with FYS

Liaison Blurb for Syllabus--This is a brief description of the role of liaisons to include in your syllabus. For the general blurb about the Center, please click here.

Liaison Assignments--This is not yet available for Fall 2014, but it will eventually show the assignments of tutors to FYS sections.

10 Tips for Teaching Writing in FYS--This 1.5 page document offers strategies for incorporating writing instruction into the FYS.

Speaking/Presenting Resources--This page has oral expression resources for students, ideas for instructors, pre-made oral expression assignments, and a customizable rubric.

Assignment Feedback--If you are not sure if your assignment reads the way you intended, the tutors are happy to take a look and give you a student perspective.

Class Visits--Tutors are happy to visit classes to explain how the Writing Center works.

Workshops--Are you concerned about how to teach a specific writing skill? We are happy to plan a custom workshop to help.

Faculty FAQ--This has answers to general questions, but it also has a section of questions specifically related to FYS instructors.